The Art of Teenage Communication
Have you ever noticed how many celebrities go on television and are constantly telling parents that they need to talk to their kids about all of the issues today?
A Happy Computer Family
Today many families are computer families; as a matter of fact most parents were probably on the computer long before their children.
Add a Little Zest to Your Correspondence
Have you ever heard of emoticons? Or smileys? They were those cute little round bodies with smiling faces that were showing up on computers via Cyber port.
Breaking Up Was Hard to Do
Being told I love you is something special, warming you to your soul and it usually brings on a silly grin that you can’t seem to get rid of.
Business as Usual?
By now you have surely seen all of the smileys and MSN emoticons that are all over the Internet, but do you know why they are used?
Communicating with Your Teens
As a parent you probably view DVD with speech development as beginning in infancy, growing bigger in their childhood and it quite possibly comes to a complete stop during adolescence.
Designing Your Website
Many website owners think of their site as a single entity; one navigation system, one ideal visitor, one look and feel.
Funny Stuff
You have to admit there are thousands of funny commercials out there in TV land, right?
Honest Communication
Honest communication has been cited as a major ingredient when forming successful children and long relationships.
Impressionable Minds
Were you one of the first families in your neighborhood to get a computer? And perhaps one of the first to see what AOL was all about?
Is Online Behavior Different?
It is possibly a bit obvious to say that the web has indeed changed the way we live. While running around out there in cyberspace you can play games, socialize, interact.

An MSN Emoticon is Worth a Thousand Words

Sending messages and mail online or through cellular phones was probably not even remotely on the mind of the most forward thinking visionary; but today it is not just a vision or a folly as some would have called this type of idea about technology. Yes, some would say it is a quantum leap from traditional mail and landline phones that just continues to improve.

What makes this improvement even better is the development of online texting and the use of smileys and emoticons. These are symbols and icons used for showing different actions and MSN emotions while online. They can express a number of different emotions including happiness, anger, sadness, confusion and the list goes on and on. Normally they are round faces with graphical enhancements and show the intended emotions by using exaggerated facial expressions, etc. Most programs that use these smileys and emoticons have a selection available and you click on the one you want and it copies it to the location you specified in the message or chat.

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