Five solid reasons to use an Internet Fax Service

Five solid reasons to use an Internet Fax Service

Online or Internet services are extremely popular with our increasingly mobile workplace and workforce. When we become mobile, we want to receive and send faxes via our email and the Internet. As simple as that

Receive and send your faxes anywhere, anytime.

In addition, you have no more paper jams, no more bulky fax machines, no more busy signals and no more return trips to the office to pick up the important fax at 10 oclock at night

If you need more convincing of the benefits of using or switching to an Internet Fax Service, heres a short list of reasons


It is very convenient to receive and send your faxes via your mail. You can access it anywhere and whenever and whenever you access your computer and the Internet.

Your fax is at your fingertips just a click away.

You will receive a local or toll free fax number that you can give to all your contacts. You can also store all your faxes online or on your computers hard drive, so you know exactly where your faxes are. You know exactly where to find it

Important fax when you need it. No more encryption through files or junk bin to find your faxes. No more missed faxes due to busy signals, not to mention the reduction of all the ugly language, as there is no more paper jams.


Perhaps the most important feature or point of sale is to use an Internet or e fax service. Because you receive and send faxes through your email system and the Internet, you can access them anywhere, anytime.

This is great for mobile professionals, travel sellers, real estate agents, builders on site, etc. Our workplaces and workers will be very mobile at a very fast pace. just in the last five or ten years we have seen the explosion in

the popularity of mobile phones, PDAs, Wi Fi, VoIP, wireless broadband and portable laptops. All these new technologies have changed how we do business and how we communicate.

Internet or email fax fits perfectly in this mix and gives us the opportunity to take our work along the way.

easy to use

Internet fax is as easy as using your email address. How hard can it be? Most, if not all email providers have a web interface web site where you can log in and do all your fax features. Send and receive your faxes. Most fax services also allow you to store your fax online for easy access.

Most Internet services will work with Windows Outlook and Windows Office. Some have free desktop applications that you can download and place on the desktop that let you send and receive your faxes.

Finally, most services can send a fax by just sending an email, ie destination number @ It will not be easier than that.


Internet fax can be very cheap, especially if you only have modest fax needs. If you send or receive a few faxes each month, you can buy a very cheap monthly or annual plan from many of the major fax vendors. Many of

These Internet fax services have different plans and fees Finding one that matches your fax needs can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Really modest fax users can get an internet service for a few dollars a month. One of the major service providers, eFax will also let you have a free account where you can get up to 20 fax per month for free, but be aware that you need to upgrade to a paid service to send faxes. Another service, Send2Fax Prepaid, charges you 0.15 for each fax and a 20 deposit along with a very low 1.95 monthly fee.

For a person who starts a home business or office, an online fax service uses additional costs for purchasing a fax machine and an additional phone line. In fact, online faxing can save your company or organization around 85 percent in advance and 34 percent on monthly charges for traditional fax servers. This is a good plus.

Most online phone services are business friendly and are fully flexible and scalable to meet all your businesss fax needs. Fax sending to a large number of recipients can also be more cost effective with these online services. There are usually special custom prices for companies.


Finally, in a constantly changing world, its more important to have a fax system compatible with all the latest gadgets and gizmos than it seems at first glance. Because our communication and business tools continue to change with the introduction of new hardware and services, the Internet or e fax will work with all these new inventions Laptops, PDAs, Mobile Phones, Wi Fi, VoIP, Wireless Broadband, Satellite Internet, come what can

Choosing an Internet fax service will meet all your current and future personal and business fax needs.

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